Squirrel – 5 years and 54,000 kms

A couple of days ago it was the fifth anniversary of the day we picked up the Miev Minicab, and since then we have done a lot of kms in the van. With petrol now costing $3.12 per litre, and power costing the equivalent of about $0.17 per litre ($0.12 per kWh overnight) it is making a huge contribution to our lifestyle. I have now fully retired, and Lynn is about to retire, and being able to stay mobile without breaking the bank is very reassuring. The van is so versatile, transporting the us, our bikes or camping gear as near or as far as we want to go at minimal cost and effort. The big expenses are insurance and tyres, and soon we may have to pay a road fund tax (depending on the government of the day and it’s desperation for cash). As we get older our mileage will reduce, hopefully keeping our costs manageable.

How is it lasting? Well the red paint is doing what red paint does in NZ, fading. Wear and tear is starting to happen, the very basic seats are starting to show their age, and there seems to be a few more squeaks and rattles. The battery still has a state of health of 85%, and all the cells are within 0.005 volts of each other. Happy days!