Otago 2022 – another roadtrip – cancelled

Unfortunately, this trip scheduled for February 2022 was cancelled, but we rescheduled for August 2022 and it is blogged about here.

Covid permitting, we are intending to do a similar trip to last years trip to Central Otago. In brief, a 4 day drive down the east coast, overnights in Cheviot, Geraldine and Waikouaiti, arriving Beaumont on the 4th night. One night in a lodge in Beaumont, and a transfer to Middlemarch the next day. We will then do the Otago rail trail in the reverse direction, arriving in Clyde 4 days later. We will then cycle the Lake Dunstan Trail up to Cromwell, stay a night or two, then cycle back down the same trail to Clyde again. Then two days doing the Roxburgh Gorge trail (including the boat transfer from Doctors Point to Shingle Creek) down to the Roxburgh Dam, and then the Clutha Gold Trail, stopping at Roxburgh, and finally finishing in Lawrence.

We then plan to go even further south, to visit Bluff (southern most town) and then Slope Point (southernmost point on the mainland), staying at Curio Bay for a night, then straight into the drive north, almost a reverse of coming down, but some flexibility in where we camp, probably stopping at Smith’s Farm in Linkwater the last night.

Looking forward to it, lots of bookings made and equipment upgrades being considered. Here’s hoping!

Update 17/01/2022. Planning well in progress – even more SH1 alternatives planned, especially into and out of Dunedin. In addition, a new charger at Leeston near Christchurch makes for more flexible charging options around the ABB chargers. A new camping mat for me, which is much too large for backpacking, and a new lockable water tight case on the front rack is making getting the gear on the bike quite hard, but I seem to be getting it all on. A new waterproof compression stuff sack for my sleeping bag has helped the situation.

Bikes are booked in for a service next week (25th Jan) and the van the day after.

Update 9/2/22 – bikes serviced and a longish shakedown ride undertaken. New 400Wh battery installed for Lynn. Packing progressing, and Covid is looking like we can live with the risks, so should not stop us. Put the tent up last night, all good, took it down and got it back into its bag – always a bonus.

Very hot and muggy all day and most of the nights now in Wellington, looking forward to a change of weather – it got down to 2 degrees last year, but up to 32 or thereabouts. 9 days of cycling, and 18 nights camping in the tent – plenty of fresh air to come.

Planning a trip to Slope Point and Curio Bay. Slope point is the furthest south point on Mainland New Zealand, and Curio Bay the furthest south charger and campsite. Also trying to fit in a crossing of the Clutha River using the punt ferry at Tuapeka Mouth.


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