Nissan Leaf 2014 Model X – setting the clock

Its taken me nearly 3 years to get this right, and the need to set charging timers to take advantage of EV overnight rates was the reason why it happened.

Setting the clock is a two phase process. Firstly setting the ‘system’ time, and secondly setting the local time.

1. Setting the system time.
a. Power the vehicle on.
b. Turn off the audio off (bottom right hand button on head unit).
c. in quick succession
press the MAP button 3 times (top button on left side)
press the audio button twice
press the map button once
d. a two item menu will come up, select Confirmation/adjust
e. scroll down to clock option and select it.
f. set year and month by holding down or pressing many times the + button.
g. set the day to GMT date
h. Set the hour and minute to GMT (not UK time, actually GMT)
i. Press OK to update
j. press back to back out of menus and reboot.

When head unit has rebooted.

2. Set the local time.
a. Press the menu button (2nd button on left, beneath map button)
b. press the settings button
c. Press other
d. press clock
e. Change the time zone to Auckland (very near end of long list)
f. make sure  offsets are set to zero.
g. If it is NZ daylight saving time, set Summertime to ON, else set summer time to OFF
h. back out, clock on dash should now read correct time.

3. Setting charger timer

a. Press zero emissions button (bottom left)
b. select Charger Timing
c. Select your charging start time, end time, and maximum charge (80% or 100%) to suit your requirements.
d. select the days this schedule applies to.
e. Turn the charger on
f. repeat for second charging schedule if required.

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